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What Are Seniors Like You Saying About Reverse Mortgages?

  • Peace of mind;
  • Eliminate mortgage payments;
  • Cash for debts, remodeling, helping children, or…

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San Diego Reverse Mortgage: Local Benefits

Is there any benefit for someone to be thinking specifically about a San Diego reverse mortgage? These days it is often the case that people want to do business locally, whether it is buying produce grown in the area, or choosing a company based nearby rather than one based abroad.  Money spent locally benefits the local economy.

When the item involved is more complex, like a reverse mortgage, the issue goes beyond benefitting the local economy.  With so much financial weight riding on a reverse mortgage decision, clients want to have a level of trust, as well as access to convenient and reliable customer service.  These are traditionally hallmarks of community-based companies.

Many people want to meet face-to-face with someone for a business transaction as important as a reverse mortgage.  They want to see the person, get a feel for the company.  Sometimes making a decision to move forward with a reverse mortgage is as much about a gut feeling, a comfort level, or a human connection, as it is about numbers on a page.

A number of reverse mortgage companies offer regular seminars or workshops where people who are considering a reverse mortgage can receive free information in an environment where there is no obligation.  This is a good opportunity to get the kind of face-to-face meeting these clients want, in a low-pressure setting.

Certainly whether in a workshop or in a more informal personal meeting, or via phone or other means, it’s important to be educated about reverse mortgages.  That’s why we created this website!  When you are educated you have more control.  When you have the information you need, you are more comfortable.  It’s easy for someone to hear the word “mortgage” and figure it can’t be that different from mortgages they may have dealt with all their lives, having purchased maybe five times and refinanced that many times again.  But a reverse mortgage really is a different animal.  That’s why the legislation authorizing the creation of the home equity conversion mortgage (HECM) required third party counseling.

So yes, while it is possible to do a reverse mortgage at a great distance from your loan officer, someone who does an internet search for San Diego reverse mortgage is likely looking for the benefits of a more local connection.  Those benefits include more personal, face-to-face relationships, more accessible customer service, more trust in dealing with someone responsive to the local community, hopefully more thorough preparation and education, and maintaining support of the regional economy.  If you want to work with a San Diego area loan officer for your reverse mortgage, click on the Calculator button, fill in your information, and we will help you!