Reverse Mortgage Eligibility

  • All reverse mortgage borrowers must be 62 and older
  • Must own property and occupy as primary residence
  • Participate in an information counseling session
  • Must have sufficient equity in the property
  • Property must meet FHA property standards
  • Must maintain home with needed repairs, property taxes and insurance

Loan Amount Based On

  • Age of youngest borrower
  • Current interest rate
  • Lesser of appraised value or the FHA insurance limit
  • An Image Slideshow - Reverse Mortgage Educator
  • An Image Slideshow - Reverse Mortgage Educator
  • An Image Slideshow - Reverse Mortgage Educator

Reverse Mortgage Educator

 Our mission is to educate consumers about the pros and cons, the ins and outs, of reverse mortgages.

The decision to enter into a regular mortgage is always one to be taken carefully. The decision to enter into a reverse mortgage is one to be taken even more carefully, because this is done at a time in life when resources may be limited. It may be difficult to bounce back from poor financial decisions. But a reverse mortgage is not the sort of every day thing a person generally already understands. It's a different animal than the standard mortgages one has had before. How can you know if a reverse mortgage is right for you? How can you sort out the fact from fiction? How can you make an informed decision without feeling sales pressure?

As we looked around the Internet we found a number of sites about reverse mortgages, but every single one fell short of what we were looking for, which on the face of it seems pretty simple. The site should not be all about selling a reverse mortgage. The site should provide balanced information about both the good and the not-so-good aspects of reverse mortgages. This information should be clear, to the point, accurate, and easy to find. The site should provide information to answer common questions, but it should also provide answers to questions people didn't even know they should ask. So we created Reverse Mortgage We believe there is content here that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else, especially all in one place.

Yes, we believe a reverse mortgage can be a great financial tool to accomplish goals for seniors that no other tool can match. But as with other good financial tools, it's not for everyone. Yes, we are professionals in the field, and if you are interested in finding out more about how a reverse mortgage would look in your particular situation, we offer contact forms that will enable us or one of our partners to give you that information, and maybe help you move forward with a reverse mortgage.

With so much riding on your choices, we hope we are able to give you the confidence to chart your own path with more confidence. Whether you decide to go ahead with a reverse mortgage, or take some other direction, doesn't matter as much to us as that you make a truly informed decision that is right for you.

Feel free to contact us at 877-575-8626 or send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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